CDRI will develop a range of programmes in the coming years to engage institutions and individuals to promote innovation and greater resilience. Current programmes include:

CDRI Fellowship Programme: Introduced on 1 September 2020, the Fellowship encourages students, practitioners, researchers and community workers from CDRI Member Countries to apply ideas on how to keep infrastructure resilient to climate and disaster risks. CDRI will award 30 one-year grants of US$10,000 each year. Read more about it and apply at

CDRI Fellows 2021: CDRI Fellowship results were announced on 17 March 2021 at the International Conference on Disaster Resilient Infrastructure 2021. View the Fellows list and their research topic here:

DRI Connect: DRI Connect is a ‘network of networks’ to enable access to knowledge resources and collaborative opportunities to various stakeholders with their peers and other collaborators. Over time, CDRI will establish knowledge partnerships in each Member Country that will work with the Secretariat to exchange of knowledge and experiences between countries. It is also envisaged that CDRI knowledge partnerships will eventually form their own country-level networks with various stakeholders to enable a ‘systemic’ change in development of DRI.

DRI DialoguesDRI Dialogues feature thought leaders and practitioners across civil society, academia, government, and private sector to engage on disaster resilient infrastructure. These dialogues explore mechanisms that allow different stakeholders to engage meaningfully in processes that focus on building disaster resilient infrastructure.