Financing Resilience and Adaptation is one of the core action portfolios of CDRI. The Coalition is committed to support its Member Countries in developing coherent disaster risk financing (DRF) strategies to address the financing needs for (re)building resilient infrastructure in both pre-disaster mitigation and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction phases through the ‘Finance for Resilient Infrastructure Programme’ (FRIP). 

FRIP has two pillars:  

  • The first pillar aims to enable financing in pre-disaster mitigation stages for new and resilient infrastructure. 

  • The second pillar aims at financing post-disaster recovery and reconstruction of critical infrastructure for enhancing the fiscal resilience of the governments. 

Under the aegis of FRIP: 

  • CDRI has commenced a fiscal risk assessment study for four of its Member Countries selected from South Asia, Pacific/Caribbean and Indian Ocean SIDS.  

  • CDRI has begun a fiscal risk assessment study for four states in India. The study will focus on key infrastructure sectors such as transport, power and telecommunications as most of the disaster losses are experienced in these three critical infrastructure sectors.  

  • CDRI is conducting a study aimed at appraising the policy guidance documents for projects under India’s National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) to align them with Disaster Resilience Goals.