Transport infrastructure is prone to various climatic events and natural hazards. While investments made in transport sector are large and long-term, a focus on safeguarding these investments and infrastructure assets is essential. CDRI’s work in the transport sector infrastructure resilience looks at risk-informed transport infrastructureplanning and investment, improvement in standards and governance, leveraging technology and capacity building across different modes of transport.    

  • CDRI’s‘Global Study on Disaster Resilience of Airports: Phase-I’ aimed at understandingthe perception of airport’s managers on increasing frequency of extreme weather events and the impact of built environment around the airport. The study captured the current state of practice of disaster risk management and resilience of airports, capacity of airports to manage uncertainties and how climate change risks affect airport cash flow and financial practices. Globally, 111 airports from 57 countries participated in this study. 

  • Thephase-IIof this extensive study will focus on 12 airports across CDRI Member Countries (two airports in India and one airport each in Bhutan, Japan, Madagascar, Mauritius, Italy Germany, USA, Peru, Australia and Fiji) sampling the different geographies and hazards.This study will carry out detailed resilience assessmentstaking stock of the current practices with regards to disaster risk management and resilience in airports in the context of infrastructure; and investor outlook towards financing resilience in airport infrastructure. This also includes a study of current investment mechanisms for airports and possible risk financing techniques in the face of future uncertainties.     

  • With respect to seaports, CDRI organized a stakeholder discussion focused on issues and challenges and a DRI dialogue focused on possible solutions towards the identified challenges on ‘Resilience of Seaports.’    


Other ongoing projects include:  

  • Strategy for Disaster Resilient Seaports and Port Community in SIDS 

  • ‘National Risk and Resilience Assessments (NRRA) for Transport Sector’ in Mauritius  

  • ‘Understanding challenges of Private Sector inIntegrating Adaptation and Resilience: Investment and Implementation in Transport Sector’ in India and other Member Countries  

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