Juliet Mian

Juliet is an experienced civil engineer who leads Arup’s Infrastructure Resilience capability across the UKIMEA region. She has extensive knowledge and experience of infrastructure systems having worked across the project life cycle from strategic planning to design to asset management. The role of infrastructure in supporting a safe, sustainable, and resilient future is at the heart of all Juliet’s work.

Between 2018 and March 2022 Juliet was Director of the Resilience Shift, Arup’s flagship initiative aiming to enhance the resilience of critical infrastructure, supported by the Lloyd's Register Foundation, leading the creation of new knowledge and guidance support a shift in thinking, practice, and learning.  She oversaw its successful transition to becoming an independent not for profit entity.

Juliet is also Global Leader for Arup’s City Resilience Skills Network, steering knowledge, innovation, research and learning for colleagues in Arup working across multiple sectors.