Haward Wells

Haward Wells is a licensed Architect and a Project Manager with over 15 years of professional experience in Architectural Design, Construction Management, Urban Planning, Project Management and Evaluation. He is the current director of the National Integrated Planning and Programme Unit (NIPP Unit), within the Department of Finance of the Government of Saint Lucia. Prior to joining the Department of Finance, he was the Construction Manager at the Department of Physical Planning responsible for the management and implementation of large-scale building construction projects. He also served in the capacity of Senior Architect at that Department and was the lead designer on the Gros-Islet and Soufriere Town Redevelopment Project Proposals. Haward was the chair of the Planning Team for the “Castries Vision 2030” report, he is a past Vice President of the Saint Lucia Archeologic and Historic Society, the current Vice President of the institute of Architects Saint Lucia as well as the current Vice Chair of the Central Public Procurement Board. Haward holds a BA in Architecture, Msc. in Project Management and Evaluation, Post Graduate Diplomas in Green Economy, Disaster Risk Management and a certificate in Investing in Quality Infrastructure for Green, Inclusive and Resilient Recovery.