Webinar: Disaster Risk Finance for Public Infrastructure Assets in the Developing World: Opportunities and Challenges

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To engage with the diverse set of actors involved in risk financing, CDRI is initiating dialogues on the theme ‘Finance for Resilient Infrastructure’ under its umbrella initiative, the ‘DRI Dialogue Series’. These dialogues would bring together policymakers and key stakeholders to deliberate upon the thrust areas of policy intervention for enabling finance for resilient infrastructure and developing coherent disaster risk financing (DRF) strategies (including both mitigation and response) for CDRI Member Countries.   

The first dialogue in the DRI Dialogue Series under the theme ‘Finance for Resilient Infrastructure’ is Disaster Risk Finance for Public Infrastructure Assets in the Developing World: Opportunities and Challenges and is planned in collaboration with our partners, Insuresilience Global Partnership and Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment. The discussion will explore several key questions regarding the design, scope, and viability of risk financing schemes for public infrastructure in developing countries. It will focus on sovereign disaster risk financing solutions. The participants will also deliberate upon the benefits and costs of risk financing solutions and if and how such solutions can be supported though interventions of governments, multilateral development banks and other international organizations.  

The webinar will discuss the role of different stakeholders, particularly in creating necessary public policy and regulation and enabling the market development for the same. Finally, the deliberation will highlight the relevance of risk financing instruments in a comprehensive disaster risk financing strategy for the governments to effectively avert, reduce and mitigate disaster losses and interruptions to critical infrastructure services, and to build-back-better. The gaps and opportunities highlighted through the discussion will form the CDRI Workplan in disaster risk financing for the coming years.