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Data centres are recognized as pivotal components in the digital infrastructure system. Housing critical components and data essential for operation and management by and for governments, businesses and individuals, data centres are dependent on an infrastructure ecosystem consisting of reliable power, efficient cooling, fire protection and suppression, the overall built-environment, effective recovery and business continuity plans for their operational resilience.

Rising trends of disasters and extreme weather events challenge the ability of data centres to stay operational. The recent examples of flooding in New York, extreme cold weather in Texas, the massive wildfires raging California and other similar events emphasize the need for a reliable and robust digital infrastructure. It is thus imperative to sharpen focus on resilient data centres with robust connectivity and redundancy through performance-based technical standards.

This session will discuss the following questions:

1. What are the disaster and climate related risks to data centres, that may be addressed via technical standards?

2. What are the gaps in existing technical standards to address disaster and climate related risks of data centres?

3. How do performance-based standards play a vital role in building disaster and climate resilience of data centres?

4. What policies, and governance measures may be developed towards an enabling environment for adoption of technical standards for disaster and climate resilience of data centres?