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As the twin threat of climate change and biodiversity loss gains attention, so has the need to invest more in Nature-based Solutions (NbS), a type of resilient infrastructure, often referred to as natural infrastructure. There is a real opportunity for upscaling outreach and training to the private sector on NbS for increasing resilience to disaster and climate risks. In particular, sectors that have greater risk and opportunities from climate change and natural hazards are agriculture/forestry, green urban development/infrastructure and finance/insurance.

Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) are committed to promoting NbS to inform investment decisions and risk assessments for resilient infrastructure. We are collaborating for a three-part DRI Dialogue series of online learning events on “Implementing Nature-based Solutions for Climate and Disaster Resilient Infrastructure.” The DRI Dialogues will aim to create an opportunity for relevant stakeholders to understand challenges and opportunities for investing in NbS for resilient infrastructure.

The expected outcomes are:

• Greater awareness of existing knowledge and guidance on increasing investments in NbS for disaster and climate resilience of infrastructure.

• Better understanding of the knowledge gaps and an assessment of the type of guidance needed to advance NbS for disaster and climate resilience of infrastructure.

• Expanded global community of practice with public and private sector actors for future follow-up actions.

The three dialogues will include short to-the-point lectures, private sector guest speakers, case study videos and interactive discussions. For participants who wish to follow the learning events at their own pace, learning event recordings could be hosted on one of the organising partners’ website. Participants may also receive a UNEP / CDRI certificate of participation.

Dialogue 1: September 23, 2022: Understanding Nature-based Solutions for Resilient Infrastructure. Watch the Dialogue here -

Dialogue 2: November 1, 2022: Nature-based Solutions for Resilient Infrastructure - how do we know it will work? Watch the Dialogue here -

Dialogue 3: 20 January 2023: Financing Nature-based Solutions – who is willing to pay?

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