As part of its series of DRI Dialogues, CDRI will convene an online dialogue on Energy Transition Pillars: Disaster Resilience of Hydrogen Infrastructure, to discuss risks and potential solutions for building disaster resilience of new energy infrastructure, primarily hydrogen. This new energy infrastructure for hydrogen will include generation assets, transport assets (pipelines, ships and terminals), and new facilities for storage. Both economics and the nature of fuel/technology will necessitate investments. However, as the world raises resources to build new energy infrastructure, these must withstand the impacts of disasters and climate change.


This session will reflect on the following questions:

1. As countries and private actors plan new hydrogen infrastructure for the coming decades, how do they ensure the safety and reliability against the physical impacts of disasters and climate change? What resilience measures are currently being planned or need to be planned?

2. Building resilience of new infrastructure will require the capacity building of different stakeholders, setting new policies, developing new standards and designing certification systems. How can governments, the private sector, MDBs and International Organizations support this process?

3. How can countries and the private sector embed disaster risk financing as a core feature in hydrogen infrastructure development? What are innovative financial instruments required to safeguard these investments? How can the insurance sector play a more prominent role in building resilience?