Dr. Anshul Yadav

Dr. Anshul Yadav brings more than two decades of experience in field of telecommunications services, infrastructure roll outs and crafting strategies to monetize the assets. He has spearheaded several wireless, wireline and mobile broadband projects in both urban and rural geographies. While working with leading CSPs and OEMs, he has planned and executed telecom network roll outs aimed to bridge digital divide, adoption, and affordability of digital services, VPTs (Village Public Telephones) connecting remote and rural areas.

Driven by Agile way of working, he has successfully accomplished consulting assignments, projects on sustainability, climate change impacts on digital infrastructure, policy, and regulatory compliances.

Dr Anshul Yadav’s PhD is in flexibility and resilience in telecommunications from IIT Delhi and also MBA in International Business from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi.