Dr. Aishwarya Narendr

Aishwarya Narendr is a doctoral scientist, DRR expert and GIS professional with 6+ years of working experience in disaster resilient planning, remote sensing, geospatial data analysis, and project planning and management. She has relevant experience in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, technical writing, and capacity development programs.

She has received her doctorate from RCG School of Infrastructure Design and Management, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. In course of her PhD research, she has developed a method called FReSMo (Flood Resilient Scenario Modelling) to assess the coastal flood impact on built infrastructure. She has published her research across 20 peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and conference proceedings. Her area of interest revolves around advocacy related to climate extremes, disaster risk impact assessment, geo-spatial analysis, and nature-based solutions for climate resilience.