The Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) will reinforce the importance of disaster resilient infrastructure and the need for governments and institutions to work together at COP28, the world’s largest climate summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which is being held from November 30 to December 12, 2023.

The COP28 Presidency is aiming to bring the world together at a critical moment for global transformative climate action. As the compounding and cascading impacts of climate change are growing, a systemic approach to transitions that considers future potential risks and responses could accelerate in developing disaster and climate resilient pathways.  

CDRI supports the COP28 Presidency in its efforts to unite the world for a collective global transformative action to achieve climate goals.

CDRI is leading five sessions and partnering in eleven sessions; and for the third year in a row, CDRI is co-leading the infrastructure, energy and mobility pillar of the Resilience Hub. The key themes that CDRI’s sessions and engagements will be focussed on policy shift, data, capacity strengthening and innovation, knowledge sharing, finance, energy, infrastructure governance, and transport.

CDRI's sessions will be hosted in partnership with different member countries and organizations viz. Dominican Republic, Brazil, Chile, France, Bhutan, European Union, and partner bodies including the World Meteorological Organization, Adaptation Research Alliance, ICSI, International Energy Agency, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, UNDRR, European Space Agency, Asian Development Bank and UN-Habitat. CDRI also looks forward to actively partner with the Presidency and support its efforts towards enabling concrete action on progressing the climate adaptation goals.