Call for Participation: CDRI Peer Learning Visit to Study Resilience of Hydrogen Infrastructure in Australia

Hydrogen is seen as one of the critical factors in the world's transition towards an envisaged net zero emissions future (World Energy Council, 2018; IRENA, 2019; IEA, 2021) and the shift to hydrogen as an energy source is gaining considerable momentum. Existing and future investments in hydrogen infrastructure need to address the disaster resilience of these systems.

As part of its DRI Connect initiative, the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure has initiated a series of knowledge outputs to promote infrastructure resilience of energy systems, specifically hydrogen. Towards this end, CDRI proposes to facilitate a peer learning opportunity for select Member Countries to Australia to tap into the country’s leadership and experiences in hydrogen as an energy source of the future. Australia, a key player in the global hydrogen space and one of the first countries in the world to come up with a national hydrogen strategy, can offer substantial learnings to Coalition members who are in the initial stages of adopting hydrogen as an energy source.

This event would be the first of a series of curated collaborative learning activities on resilient energy infrastructure, contributing to a global transferable body of knowledge to inform policy, research and practice.

This call is open for professionals from Bangladesh, Fiji, India, Japan and Mauritius working in the energy transitions and infrastructure domain, with a focus on hydrogen. CDRI will make provision for accommodation and local travel of the participants. Travel from home country to Australia and return will need to be arranged by the participants themselves. 

If you are interested in participating in this learning event, please fill this form and submit by 18 July 2022