Dr Tina Comes

Delft Technology Fellow, Professor in ICT, University of Agder, Norway

Dr Comes is a Senior Research Fellow at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and serves as Vice-President for the Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM) Association. Dr. Tina Comes is Associate Professor in the Department of ICT, University of Agder, Norway and Deputy Director of the Centre for Integrated Emergency Management. She studied Mathematics, literature and philosophy. After receiving her Ph.D. on Distributed Scenario-Based Decision Support from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, she was head of a research group on Risk Management. He research aims at supporting decision-making and risk management in complex, dynamic and uncertain situations. To this end, she develops methods and tools that support planning and management of complex and interlaced networks, calling for a high level of resilience and agility. Particularly, her focus lies on the development of collaborative and distributed decision support tools, which are designed to facilitate coordination and fast adaptation. Her research areas include scenario design and analysis, decision support, humanitarian disaster management, supply chain risk management and data analytics. To cover this domain, she combines her formal and analytic background in mathematics with programming skills, knowledge in economics, decision theory and cognition. Since 2013, she has engaged in humanitarian field research using rigorous scientific methodologies to design tools for the needs in practice. She is the author of more than 80 papers published in international journals and conferences.