Deputy Director - Finance and Accounts

  Organisation   Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI)
  Job posting date   16/04/2020
  Location   New Delhi
  Grade   Deputy Director
  Salary and benefits   INR 1.25 to 1.75 lakhs per month + other benefits (salary and designation will be offered commensurate with experience and qualifications)
  Contract   Fixed Term Contract (3 years), Full-Time, National Hire
  Occupational Groups   Finance, Accounts, Infrastructure, International Development
  Last Date for Application   29/05/2020


The Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) is a multi-stakeholder global partnership of national governments, UN agencies and programmes, multilateral development banks and financing mechanisms, the private sector, and academic and knowledge institutions. It aims to address the challenges of building resilience into infrastructure systems and development associated with it. The vision, mission, goal and objectives of the CDRI are explicitly linked to the post-2015 development agendas. The Coalition will also contribute to the resilience of the global infrastructure systems in an increasingly interconnected world. The outcome of such collaboration would be aimed at building resilient economies and resilient people through cross-sector commitments at all levels towards adaptation and resilience with concrete outcomes that will bring resilience action to global scale.

The CDRI will support countries to upgrade their systems for ensuring disaster and climate resilience of existing and future infrastructure. It seeks to rapidly expand the development of and retrofit resilient infrastructure to respond to the SDGs objectives of expanding universal access to basic services, enabling prosperity, and decent work. CDRI envisions enabling measurable reduction in infrastructure losses from disasters including extreme climate events.

The Government of India has established a Society in New Delhi to act as the Secretariat of CDRI. The Secretariat functions under the direction of the international Governing Council and implements the programs of CDRI. This position is being advertised for staff positions on Fixed Term Contract of three (3) years. The Government of India has established a Society in New Delhi to act as the Secretariat of CDRI. The Secretariat functions under the direction of the international Governing Council and implements the programs of CDRI. This position is being advertised for staff positions on Fixed Term Contract of three (3) years.

Objective of this position:

The Deputy Director (Finance and Accounts) will be responsible for all works related to Finance and Accounts

Role and Responsibilities:

Work under the overall guidance of the CEO and under the direct supervision of Director Operations to:

• Manage the operational activities of the Finance and Accounts Section.


• Support the financial planning of the organisation by analysing its performance and risks.

• Retain constant awareness of the organisation’s financial positions and act to prevent problems.

• Set up and oversee the finance IT system.

• Set targets for and supervise all accounting and finance personnel (management, accountants, internal auditors etc.)

• Support in screening of financial proposals and take transactional decisions on a day to day basis to support Director Operations.

• Facilitation in implementation of the approved programs with due financial prudence in coordination with Director Operations.

• Support in ensuring fiscal prudence, sound financial management and also check that funds allocated are spent on time, in the prescribed manner to achieve the intended outcomes to achieve ‘value for money’.

• Ensure timely budget formulation that includes preparation of current, future and past expenditure estimates/MTEF statements, project requirements, allocation of funds as per requirements and ceilings, detailed/supplementary demand of grants etc.

• prepare timely and detailed reports on financial performance on a quarterly and annual basis.

• Conduct financial viability analysis and project structuring as and when required


• Compilation, consolidation, monitoring, and disbursements of budget in a timely manner.

• Reconciliation of accounts with books of Pay and Accounts.

• Rendering assistance in formulating / devising comprehensive accounting procedures in the organisation.

• Oversee all audit related activities and internal control operations.

• Resolve conflicts and seek management approval for critical issues;

• Handling all tax and other government compliance related issues;

• Ensuring that adequate financial controls are in place to maintain propriety and proper accountability of expenditures.

• Ensures the financial transactions are properly authorized, recorded, have adequate supporting documentation, filled, maintained and can be easily extracted for the purpose of preparing financial statements; and financial audits.

• Monitors budgets and expenditures and contribute to preparation of budget revision.

• Establishes and implement a computer based monitoring system for expenditures.

• Checks and ensures that all procurement process and expenditures of the project in accordance with the CDRI procedure. This includes ensuring receipts to be obtained for all payment.

• Checks budget lines to ensure that all transactions are booked to the correct budget lines.


• Providing and interpreting financial information, analysing change and advising accordingly.

• Providing financial reports, statistics, forecasts and other necessary data to the management and other business heads;

• Periodically interact and update the management and other relevant groups on the division’s on-going activities;

• Any other work assigned by the superior/reporting authority



• Understanding of accounting principles and current financial legislation and well versed with international organisation’s financial practices.

• Experience of procurement through tendering process along with drafting, legal considerations, vetting of tenders and awarding contracts.

• Experience of working with international organisations and their procurement and payment systems.

• Should be familiar with the policies and programs of the Government and Non-governmental organization and capable of holding independent charge of an office;

• Excellent verbal and written communication, analytical skills, negotiation, problem solving, facilitation, teamwork, multitasking;

• Strong interpersonal and written and oral communication skills;

• Past track record/Ability to work independently, deliver timely and quality products; and

• Computer proficiency, especially related to professional office software packages (Microsoft Office) and financial and accounting management software.


• Experience of working in and collaborating with international organisations


Bachelor in accounting/ Finance/taxation/accounting or BBA in Accounting/ Finance and C.A./ICWA/Post graduation in Commerce/Accounts and related subjects.


Minimum 10 years work experience in in multi-national, international, Government, non-governmental or private organizations in Finance, Accounts or related field.

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