Sushil Gupta

Disaster Risk Management Specialist

Dr. Gupta, Assistant Vice President, Risk Modeling and Insurance, has over 26 years of professional experience in the field of catastrophic risk modeling, disaster risks assessment and disaster risk management for natural and manmade hazards. Dr. Gupta has made outstanding contributions in the field of disaster risk assessment for various natural hazards including sectoral impact of climate change for all the 37 countries of South Asia, Central Asia and Caucasus, ASEAN, and the South Eastern Europe. He has developed a tool “Disaster Risks Assessment – A Tool for National Investment Planning”. Through his innovative work published by the World Bank and UNISDR, he has demonstrated how disasters impact countries’ economy. He is/was deeply involved in several multi-Hazard probabilistic Risk and Vulnerability Assessment studies in both developed and developing countries that are/were sponsored by the World Bank, UNISDR, UNDP, ADB and various countries Governments. These multi- HRVA studies mainly aimed to understand and pave the way to reduce the vulnerabilities of the country’s assets and population to natural and man-made hazards and impact of climate change on hydro-meteorological hazards, supplementing existent knowledge, and capacity building.

Dr. Gupta, an IITian, holds an M. Tech in Applied Geophysics with specialization in Engineering Seismology, MBA with specialization in Insurance management, and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with thesis titled Earthquake Vulnerability, Hazard, and Risk Assessment of Dehradun City using GIS. He also obtained advance level certificates in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction with special emphasis on climate change from EPFL, Switzerland, and the World Bank Institute, Washington DC and in the field of Earthquake Engineering of Nuclear facilities from ICTP, Trieste, Italy and BARC, Mumbai.

Dr. Gupta has authored over 70 research papers, 75 reports and co-authored a book “Coping with Climate Change- Principles and Asian Context”, published by Springer. He was one of the “Peer Reviewer of UNISDR GAR Report (Global Risk Assessment, 2011)” and “UNISDR Expert of Week in the years 2014 and 2016”. He is recipient of many awards and honors; these include prestigious A.S. Arya – IITR Disaster Prevention Award (2011); RMSI Kalam Innovation Award (2016); ISET B. N. Gupta Award (1997-2000), RMSI Pen Ultimate Reward (2010, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018). He is elected Fellow of Indian Society of Earthquake Technology and Geological Society of India. Also he is/was a member of several professional bodies including BIS CED39, AERB, NDMA and chaired and co-chaired technical sessions in conferences/workshops and delivered several key note lecturers sponsored by UNISDR, UNESCO, and UNDP.