Raghav Pant

Senior Postdoctoral researcher - Infrastructural Risk Analyst Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Raghav Pant, is a Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at the Environmental Change Institute in the University of Oxford. He has 13 years of academic and professional experience on infrastructure and economic risk and resilience modelling, and leads the risk and resilience analysis research in the UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC). He is currently leading the ongoing projects on Transport Risk Analysis in the United Republic of Tanzania, Vietnam and Argentina with the World Bank. He has led a £91,000 project supported by the UK Department for Transport looking at the ‘Single points of failure’ in UK’s transport networks. He was also the lead and Co-I Researcher on a £215,000 programme of innovation on multi-hazard resilience estimation and planning for interdependent national infrastructure networks. His research paper on vulnerability assessment of GB’s railway infrastructure was awarded the 2016 Lloyds Science of Risk Prize in Systems Modelling.