Cees van de Guchte

Deltares, The Netherlands

Cees van de Guchte works at the independent institute Deltares, the primary knowledge provider to the Netherlands Government on water-related policy development and day to day water management. Cees van de Guchte is Director of the Deltares Team on Global Agendas and International Organizations, after having lead the department of Climate Adaptation and Risk Management. Core elements of his work portfolio comprise disaster risk reduction and flood risk management under the uncertainty of climate change, and the development of adaptation strategies and sustainable preventive interventions using state of the art technology and innovative approaches.

Deltares works in numerous projects around the world, and shares its open source knowledge and experiences in various dedicated networks, such as AGWA, CTCN, Delta Alliance, KIC-Climate and 100RC. Supporting the fulfillment of the water-related SDGs and their nexuses is a key aspect of this work. Cees van de Guchte acquired over 30 years of experience in the field of integrated water management, coastal zone management, climate adaptation and disaster risk management. Before Deltares he was employee of the Netherlands Government and UN-Environment.